Take Advantage of Tamaya’s VIP Tours

You’re keen on a new custom Florida home in the Jacksonville area, but want the perfect blend of resident amenities, location and convenience to accompany your awesome new abode.

No problem! Tamaya, ICI Homes’ master-planned community on the city’s southeast quadrant, fits those must-haves, plus offers a wide choice of award-winning floor plans.

Take Advantage of Tamaya’s VIP Tours - Concrete Block vs Engineered Wood Frame 1

You’ll find Tamaya just east of the intersection of Beach and Kernan Boulevards, which provides a clue about its location. Tamaya is only five miles west of gorgeous Atlantic beaches, and less than that to St. Johns Town Center — Jacksonville’s top dining, retail and entertainment center.

There are many reasons to check out Tamaya, but one of the best ways to do so is via a Tamaya VIP Tour. An in-person visit puts you on the spot, plus provides important information as you consider your next home-sweet-home.

Here’s how to take advantage of Tamaya’s VIP Tours.

A mature community

Tamaya didn’t pop up yesterday, which is a big advantage. Hundreds of future new neighbors and friends already are in residence here. Tamaya’s Residents Club, which forms the community hub for amazing amenities, also functions as the neighborhood anchor for fun and socialization.

Best of all, Tamaya is plenty roomy. Its 780 acres ensure continued growth. Even if it’s been a minute since its debut, Tamaya’s newest phases offer conservation and water views, and a wide range of inventory homes for those seeking faster move-ins.

How to do the Tamaya VIP Tour

Visit Tamaya’s website and complete the easy form, then connect with our helpful online sales associates to schedule your VIP Tour. Note that a virtual VIP Tour also is available.

In the interim, consider what you’ll experience.

TamayaTamaya’s model-home row is astounding and a great place to begin your VIP Tour. Furnished models of many sizes and configurations are decked out with decorative layouts designed to pique your creativity and fill out your wish lists.

Our on-site sales associates (literally) can walk you through the models AND give you all the helpful details of what’s current and next in the homesite, floor-plan and custom-touches departments.

Once thing you’ll notice is Tamaya’s distinctive appearance. Its Mediterranean, Spanish and Tuscan architectural designs echo classic architecture from temperate climates all over the world. These interior and exterior designs also have a long history in Florida’s year-round warmth and coastal climate.

Your Tamaya VIP Tour includes time with one of our community guides — often a Tamaya resident — who can help with golf-cart tours, inside looks and information, and introductions to current residents. They’ll be invaluable.

You’ll have a head start on exploring the community outside Tamaya too. Get restaurant, sightseeing and services recommendations. Along with Tamaya’s proximity to Jacksonville’s top beaches, the community is near excellent schools, higher-education resources at the University of North Floria, and just north of the Mayo Clinic location. And, when you’re ready, Jacksonville’s arts, culture and sports offerings await.

Ready for your Tamaya lifestyle? Talk to ICI Homes here.