Meet Your Neighbor Social Held at Tamaya

One hundred residents visited our big tent next to the Tamaya sales center for the first Residents Social on April 26! Tamaya homeowners made their way from their newly built homes with children by the hand…pushing strollers and chatting with neighbors as they ambled their way down the street. Of course, all were greeted and the “Meet Your Neighbor” social began. Residents and ICI Homes staff met quite a few from far and wide from Omaha to India!



The main attraction was the unveiling of the Tamaya Residents Club interior renderings and some of the decor textures and colors that will be used throughout the building. Residents were very receptive to the proposed plans and voiced their approval with lots of smiles and applause.

Everyone introduced themselves around and took part in the buffet dinner and had a good old time. Cupcakes were certainly the kids’ favorite items on the menu and by the end of the event, they were swinging on the playground and running around enjoying the community. By the time the sun was setting, the newly minted “community” collected a parting gift and waved farewell until the next event planned for early June.